Intention – Why do we do that?

  • To get rid of the unbearable smell with which we are constantly confronted in the waste stations of the slaughterhouses and then in the production lines of the animal carcass meal / pet food factories
  • To help bring out the value that is hidden in the definitely valuable material
  • Of course this is also for animal disease prevention
  • Only through known processes of collecting and storing at the slaughterhouse all valuable proteins, fats and substances which are so sought after are denatured and oxidised and are lost irretrievably through decay
  • Because the thermal treatment known today in the meal factories makes the material bacteriologically benign through pressure sterilisation, but up to now, because of the source material that is decayed through the fermentation process and that often over 45°C in temperature, a quality is produced which in substances and digestibility only contains the most inferior of all parameters of proteins and fats of animal origin.
  • We have a general awareness of ever decreasing resources in animal proteins and fats as source material with multiple uses and end products in our life

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