Services – What do we do?

We have developed the procedure and the necessary appliance to cool in a controlled way freshly slaughtered heads, feet and guts of poultry and leporine animals from +30°C to +4°C directly at the slaughterhouse waste output system in the K3 area. As an independent mobile business entity, we secure compatibility with all the known state-of-the-art output systems of slaughterhouses such as low pressure cyclones, process water conveyors or conventional screw conveyors or belt conveyors.

The trickiest challenges such as for example connecting in to existing slaughterhouse structures also excite us: we can if necessary react with fully-developed pump systems and / or grinding units. Whether it should be an “indoor” or “outdoor” operation is, along with the challenges and conditions attached to a slaughterhouse, dependent on your wishes and interests.

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