Benefit – For you as a customer.

  • Highly critical bacteriological stages in the slaughterhouses, intermediate treatment plants, extraction plants and pet food manufacturing firms and therefore the foul smells associated with these processes are a thing of the past
  • With a cold, stable, raw material a completely new market is open to you with maximum added value whether you are the original producer, trader or manufacturer/processer.
  • You are therefore provided with a constantly available raw material and make it possible for your customers to access a dependable standardised mass raw material with the highest transparency.
  • Transport routes of several hundreds of kilometres are readily possible and do not affect the quality of the raw material, whether in a dump truck, container or silo transporter
  • In this way you can access markets far afield and abroad without problem
  • Of course this also affects your company image because you are using maximum state of the art technology and also fulfil legal requirements over and above what’s expected. Well done!

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