Facts – What can we do?

For the European poultry and leporine slaughterhouses but also most notably the animal / protein meal manufacturing firms and the pet food factories we provide an independent thermotechnical business entity independent from slaughterhouses and with the following characteristics and features:

  • You can use it to cool the “fifth” quarter from the industrial slaughter of poultry and leporine animals in anatomically accruing quality – heads, feet and guts – and continuous material feed in a controlled way from +30°C down to +4°C
  • Collecting and storing of up to 25to per slaughtering day is closely tied in with the cooling process and possible in time far beyond that
  • Emptying occurs automatically with the maximum speed. Automatic cleaning and disinfection is also possible at all times on request
  • Within hours we can connect our business entity to existing structures of your slaughterhouse
  • In the process we negotiate distances of up to 100 metres to your waste output station through tubes/pipes
  • We regularly resort to subsystems such as pumps, disintegrators, dehydrators specific to each project

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